Accessories Loewe

Accessories Loewe


At the artistic direction of the Iberian brand Loewe since 2013, the fashion designer is doing wonders. In addition to the success of its Puzzle bag, the Irish designer also wanted to reinvent Loewe accessories, making a category utterly inescapable. Highlighting the leatherwork developed by the Madrid fashion house since its founding in 1846, Loewe accessories combine tradition and modernity, with modern designs created in an artisanal fashion.


Loewe wallets and accessories


Loewe accessories include the small leather goods equivalents of the band’s best-sellers, such as the Puzzle bag that comes in wallet and purse. The Spanish brand also offers a few pieces as playful as they are surprising, like its Elephant purse, miniature pachyderm with a zipped back, real technical excellence. Also discover the selections of Loewe bags and Loewe shoes on the MONNIER Frères website.

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