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Ambush is a Tokyo street brand co-founded by power couple Yoon Ahn and Verbal (music producer and rapper with hip-hop group Teryaki Boyz), whose rebellious aesthetic was a game-changer from the off. Eschewing any prejudice or sense of naivety, the Japanese label calls on us to be bold, to take ownership of all the contradictions of our individualities. With their gender-fluid jewellery line, whose signature "bling" style has become more fine-tuned over the years, the design duo takes pieces from everyday life and gives them a second (not to mention stunning) lease of life. Ambush designs are eye-catching and impressive, as modern as modern gets. Huge links, barbed wire, clothes pegs, nails and chunky chains are transformed into stylish bracelets, imposing brooches, or iconic necklaces like the already famous "Lighter Case" necklace.


The story of this burgeoning empire is like a street culture fairy tale. Yoon Ahn, a soldier's daughter and fashion enthusiast, was born in Korea but grew up in the USA. She met the man who would become her partner and husband in Boston, where she was studying graphic design, while Verbal was taking marketing and philosophy. Next stop Japan, where they decided to launch a first "experimental" jewellery collection whose pieces were designed by Yoon Ahn and made by a Japanese jeweller. This was 2008, and the collection was already playing with this idea of turning something everyday into a precious object. The daring duo immediately made their mark, with the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Amigo becoming the brand's first ambassadors, making the most of their visits to Tokyo to show their appreciation.


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