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Simon Miller

Founded in 2008, the Simon Miller brand did not intend to become renowned for their leather goods. The label first started on the men's jeans segment and was rebranded six years later, in 2014, as a men and women’s ready-to-wear and accessory brand. Its flagship? The colorful acrylic neo bucket bag Bonsai, with its round handles, simply iconic.


Simon Miller, unlike many brands that are named after their designer, is headed by Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford. Daniel Corrigan, a friend of the label’s founder Jake Sargent, helped him launch his denim brand. In 2011, when Jake Sargent left the company to pursue other opportunities, Daniel Corrigan took over for him. Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford met unexpectedly at a Lil 'Wayne concert in Las Vegas. They now collaborate living at each end of the American continent, in New York and Los Angeles, and agree on the vision of the American label: more than luxury clothes and handbags, they want to disseminate a lifestyle imagined for trendy girls who above all love beautiful things.


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