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Timeless Pearly

Timeless Pearly is making its intentions clear: since fashion often follows the same rules as love, when pearls get under your skin, it's forever. With a Baroque feel and surprising forms, quirky materials and bold colours, the young jewellery brand founded by Leslie Chetrit creates near-unique pieces, handcrafted in limited edition series, bringing a new take on this classic jewel’s original charm.

In addition to the "initiales" pendants in tiny pearls that we already know and love, the Timeless Pearly collections are packed with chains, charms, semi-precious stones and various other pieces (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) inspired by dreamlike worlds, designed to be mixed and matched, endlessly layered on top of sun-kissed skin.

The delightful, warm and hypnotic world of Timeless Pearly cleverly takes us on a journey - from Paros to Ibiza, Los Angeles to Capri - and rekindles the memories we hold dear: in front of our jewellery box, rediscovering a tangle of coloured pearl necklaces and precious bracelets borrowed from mum to play dress up. It’s hardly surprising to learn that the talented designer spent long childhood afternoons making collages from magazine images and photographs that inspired her. And true to form, her collections make us lose sight of reason and any notion of time.


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