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TL 180 is a contemporary label that offers timeless, feminine and high quality pieces made in Italy. The name TL-180 comes from the initials of designers Tine and Luisa. Tine is French and Luisa Italian, they met in 2005 in Rome and found a real sense of synergy between their creative sensibilities. It was when they came to Paris in 2012 that TL-180 was born.

With a shared passion for travel, art, culture and film, Tine and Luisa draw their inspiration primarily from the world around them. Following an exhibition by Anselm Kiefer, the artist's paintings inspired them to create their first clutch.

The design duo are always keen to push the boundaries of fashion, and their concept is based on a perfect balance between timelessness, mischievous sophistication, and Italian quality. Luisa and Tine strive to create collections that exude all the sophisticated nonchalance of France, with products of exceptional Italian quality. TL-180 celebrates everyday elegance without compromising on craftsmanship and expertise.


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