Touch Puffy Bag
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Touch Puffy Bag by Balenciaga

The Balenciaga Puffy bag: when design gets emotional. Discover

Mélanie Huynh's top tips

A passionate proponent of ethical fashion and clean beauty rituals, Mélanie created Holidermie in 2019. The brand offers French-made products that are clean, vegan-friendly and based on a holistic approach to beauty. Discover
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Retro in style

Whether you’re all about the 70s hippie vibe or channelling the Spice Girls from the 2000s, check out our ten fashion commandments for recreating all the best trends of decades past. Discover
Arnaud Vaillant & Sébastien Meyer

A. Vaillant & S. Meyer // Coperni

With their brand Coperni, Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer offer an innovative take on fashion, where minimalism meets digital tech. We sat down with them for a chat. Discover

Léa Rostain

Model for Monnier Frères for several seasons now, Léa Rostain invites us into her world. Find out more in our interview. Discover