Mélanie Huynh's top tips

Today we've decided to take a little time out. This month at Monnier we decided to adopt the slow living trend, learning to slow down and take some time for ourselves. So this week we asked for advice from renowned self-care expert, Mélanie Huynh, founder of Holidermie, to guide us on our way to a slower way of life.   Focus on… Mélanie Huynh A passionate proponent of ethical fashion and clean beauty rituals, Mélanie created Holidermie in 2019. The brand offers French-made products that are clean, vegan-friendly and based on a holistic approach to beauty. Here she gives us her ultimate style advice for braving the winter months: "Right now, I'm loving the full-on loungewear/cosy look as I co...


Mélanie Huynh's top tips

Trend A passionate proponent of ethical fashion and clean beauty rituals, Mélanie created Holidermie in 2019. The brand offers French-made products that are clean, vegan-friendly and based on a holistic approach to beauty. Discover
Future is female

Future is female

Trend "Fashion fades, only style remains the same". Discover our editorial on what woman fashion will probably look like in years to come. Discover
2020 trends we loved

2020 trends we loved

Trend 2021 is fast approaching… and not a moment too soon! Check out the top fashion trends for the year ahead. Discover
Puffer Power

Puffer Power

Trend Whether temporary fatigue or early winter blues, we explore a trend that’s bound to give you a boost. Discover
The monogram trend

The Monogram Trend

Trend Back to the Future. Coach brings the monogram trend bang up to date with its new vintage canvas. Discover
Luxury Brown

Luxury Brown

Trend More understated than the lilac and pale yellows unveiled on the Autumn/Winter 2020 catwalks, brown comes in all shades this season. Discover
Chunky Chains

Chunky Chains

Trend Chunky chains are the street-style stars that have taken over the fashion scene. Bigger and bolder than ever, they bring an unexpected spark to all our accessories. Discover
Softly Sculpted

Softly Sculpted

Trend With their classic and delicate shapes, ruched accessories offer a relaxed and feminine feel for any time of the day. Discover
Trend Under Arm

Under Arm

Trend The “Under Arm” bag pursues its path by being reinvented with a modern touch without renouncing to its 90s roots for a resolutely trend, vintage inspired look. Discover


Trend Jewels, more than ever, take the front row. This season, even accessories are brightened up with gold, silver and diamonds for a sparkling style. Discover
Discover Wandler

Wanted: A timeless bag

Trend Often, choosing a bag can create something of a quandary. Should you blow your savings on a high quality piece, even if it means overlooking the latest trends? Or accumulate bags that might not last as long so you can stay at the forefront of fashion? Discover
Discover our selection

The Trekki Sandals

Trend Loved and loathed in equal measure, hiking sandals or dad shoes are back with a vengeance this summer. So wrong they couldn't be more right. Discover
Discover our selection

The Fringes

Trend With their 70s bohemian hippie-like vibe, fringes are adorning the bags of Summer 2020 for a twirling choreographed effect. Discover
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The Brut Sculptural

Trend With its bulky size, industrial design, and architectural feel, jewelry is succumbing to the Brutalist style. A tribute to Le Corbusier and his disciples. Discover
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The Bucket List

Trend Derived from the alms pouches of yesteryear and considered to be one of the very first examples of a leather goods design, the bucket bag is back with its latest metamorphoses. Packed with creativity. Discover
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The Square Deal

Trend With their increasingly bold designs, square-toed sandals and block heels are giving our outfits a sculptural feel worthy of Ettore Sotsass. For a look that gets straight to the point. Discover
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The Orange Wave

Trend Bursting with vitamins, the colour orange is back with a bang, brightening up our spring accessories for the boost we all desperately need. Discover
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The Big Softy

Trend Softly does it... handbags are transformed into super-spacious pouches made of soft and silky leather. For hugging close to your body like a cuddly toy. Discover
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The Riviera

Trend The spirit of the French Riviera - an enduring combination of sophistication and nonchalance - is alive and well in collections this spring. We take a look at the ins and outs of this not-so-recent trend. Discover
Simon Miller

The Vertigo

Trend Super-high heels and dizzying platforms are back, for taking things up a level... in style. Discover
Acne Studios

The City Girly

Trend As shocking pink makes a comeback, are you ready to pink your ride? Smart urban women everywhere are choosing bright pink accessories and embracing la vie en rose. Discover

The Space Quest

Trend "Space is the new place" is the new rallying cry of designers, fans of Kubrick and Lucas, expressed in their collections of super-attractive and gravity-defying accessories. Discover
Hunting Season

The Organic Chic

Trend By celebrating simplicity, generosity and a truly natural feel, designers have turned organic designs into a new and exciting trend! Discover

The Bread And Butter

Trend This summer, it’s all about the iconic yet practical baguette bag, the late-nineties it-bag reinterpreted by many of our favourite designers. "It's not a bag, it's a Baguette!” Discover

No Hands

Trend It started out as a bit of fun, before becoming a full-on addiction… the hands-free trend continues to gain ground by freeing up our busy hands. We review the (mini) details. Discover
Reike Nen

The Two-Tone Boot

Trend Inspired by the legendary slingback dreamed up by Coco Chanel, two-tone boots are as chic as they are stunning. A brief look back at a classic. Discover
The Lyndon Boot, by Alexander Wang

The Combat Boot

Trend These tough military-inspired boots stand out this season as the practical footwear that's been MIA from our wardrobes for far too long. Join us for a closer look. Discover
Gloria Heels, by Yuul Yie

The Sculptural Heel

Trend Original and unexpected, sculptural heels are the sensation of the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. Join us for a closer look. Discover
The Trunk, by Hunting Season

The Pandora Box

Trend Small, structured and sophisticated, these minaudière-style bags are the key to elegance this season. Join us for a closer look. Discover
The Track, by Balenciaga

The Luxury Sneaker

Trend More sophisticated and more office-friendly, but still just as cool, trainers have well and truly found their place on the luxury market. Join us for a closer look. Discover
The Glam Slam Bag / Petronio Associates

The Puffer Bag

Trend For autumn 2019, designers have come up with over-inflated bags whose bouncy curves offer a surprisingly sharp style. We take a closer look. Discover
The Madeleine Bag

The Shearling

Trend Shearling adds a quirky yet cosy feel that can make or break a look in seconds. Join us for a closer look. Discover
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